Media Interview with Mrs. Kinkoph by: Austin N.

Media Interview from L. Girbino on Vimeo.


Mrs. Girbino Interview by: Kyle H.

Q 1: What motivated you to be an art teacher?

A: I was a professional artist for 14 years, but started  subbing in my local school district for an art teacher who was sick. I had so much fun  I decided to become an art teacher.

Q 2: Have you ever taught another school before?

A: I subbed in West G and taught at University School before coming to Leighton.

Q 3: Did you do anything before you were an art teacher?

A: Yes, I designed wallpaper and fabric as a surface designer.

Q 4: How long were you an art teacher?

A: This is my 16th year at Leighton.

Q 5: Why do we have these clubs (Art Club, Journalism Club)?

A: I thought these clubs were fun for students.

Q 6: If you were not an art teacher what would you be?

A: An author.

Q 7: How often do you draw?

A: Every day.

Q 8: Do you plan on changing anything soon?

A: I usually change a few things each year in each grade. I use feedback from my students, plus I have a budget to work with. I try to do one clay, one sculpture, and one painting in each grade.

Unicorn Land by: Madi

A place of magic, wonder, possibility, and hope– or is it? You might want to go to UNICORN LAND, but you may want to know the truth. Unicorns fight with magic and do not give up until one of the two or more dies, or gives up one way or anotherthere has to be a winner. Not so pleasant thinking about unicorns anymore, huh? A lot of unicorns are dying because of this reason, and that is why they are so rare, almost extinct FOREVER! We don’t want this, you don’t want this, do you? Then, let’s try to stop such violence between such friends of the same species. Many species have been extinct because of violence (such as the dinosaurs now gone forever), but we can help the unicornswho are lucky, if you go to Unicorn Land ever call ΑóáØÔœÙó and thank you for your help, Unicornlover4ever!

A Small Moment: Language Arts by: Madisyn

In Mrs. Carlson’s fifth grade class, we are working on “small moments.”

As I walk to turn mine in, I see many very interesting pictures that catch my eye, making me wonder could I do better? I think I met all the needed goals: not a whole 2 hr. story or a 5 second story, only a small moment, and not the whole day’s activities. I have met all the requirements, but what do I need? I got it, “Snap!” Perfect, I got everything: the “albino alligator” picture I created will tie it all together!

A small moment is a little piece of  a bigger picture: like you were walking in a park and all you will talk about is when you saw the pretty flowers that were yellow, but that is all you talk about. That is a small moment.

Zombie Infection Takes Down the Playground Group B by: Mason M.

(Editor’s note: this is a fifth grade playground game)

Today at recess, the playground was attacked by “zombies” during the game, “infection”.
It started with Killian as the zombie because he stepped into “nuclear waste”. He then became a zombie, and he tricked everyone, by walking away saying that he quit and hiding. Then Jude stepped in the waste, so he became the zombie! He later was escorted by “team military”  and was healed. Then Killian and Tanner revealed themselves, as we discovered that they infected at least 15 other people. There were survivors, and there might be more…    NOT FINISHED YET

The Book Fair 2017 By: Summer C.

The book fair had great selection no matter what type of books you like to read. They had comic books, fantasy books, informational books and picture books. They also had some fun toys to buy. They had erasers, stuffed animals, book marks and pens. There was also a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid called The Getaway. There were some crafting sets like, LEGO sets and science experiment sets. Congrats to Mrs. Dorner’s class, Mrs. Will’s class and Mrs. Vidziunas’ class for winning the singing contest.

“What’s your favorite time at school?” Poll – By Austin N.

I interviewed fifth graders on this topic and here are the results:

Science – 1/12

Lunch – 3/12

Recess – 6/12

Leaving – 1/12

Language Arts – 1/12

So what do you think? Fill out our poll.










Symbiosis by: Tyler, Dallas, and Everett

What is symbiosis? This is what we have been learning with Mrs. Will, Mrs. Samelko, and Mrs. Skeels. Symbiosis is the interaction between two different kinds of organisms that can be either of mutualism, parasitism and commensalism. Mutalism benefits both different organisms such as the hippo and the barbal. Parasitism is when one animal is benefited while the other is harmed. Finally there is commensalism! This is when one organism benefits while the other is neither harmed nor helped.