Interview with Mrs. Gagel

Q: Why did you decide to become a math teacher?
A: I love that math has real answers and lots of options on strategies to find those answers.

Q: What is your favorite candy bar?
A: I like many candy bars. Anything dark chocolate.

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: Yes, one sister who is a nurse.

Q: What is your favorite holiday and why?
A: Thanksgiving, we have a lot of at Grandma Gagel’s house!

Q: What is your most used emoji?
A: The one that looks like I’m rolling my eyes.

Q: What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
A: Beauty and the Beast (but I am seeing wonder soon)

Q: On the weekends, when it’s snowy outside, what do you do?
A: Take my dog piper on a walk. She loves the snow!

Q: What is your favorite season and why?
A: Spring! I love to see the trees get new life again.

Q: If you could go back to one day which one would it be?
A: I would go back to Christmas morning 2004. My kids were so much fun to watch at the time.

Q: What is the last store you got cheese?
A: Acme


Spooky Sleepover Continued By:Stella

The last time we saw our heros was when they carfully went downstairs. And… “AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” A ghost showed up and said, ” Do not worry! I am the ghost of sleepovers people call me Past.” Ash looked at me scared. I looked at her back. Past saw us and a frown was on her face. ” I came because when really good friends have a sleepover I appear by horror movie. ”  ” Well Past it has been nice meeting you, but um. why are you here?!” “I show up when BFFs are telling each other ghost stories.” ” Well DUH” Ash said. Bad timing I thought. Ash this is a bad time to be like DUH. Ash has this problem when she is scared she says DUH alot. Past look affended. ” Well … I will leave  now.” She said or he I don’t know, With that she left with a puff of smoke. “Well this was the spookyest sleepover!” Ash said. We went back upstairs and got into my bed.

The life of a Christmas tree by: madi

My life. I am a Christmas tree it isn’t that “interesting” to many people what do you think you get stuffed in a bag after getting ripped or cut from or pulled out of the ground you grew from since you were a little sapling the only home you ever knew. I enjoyed when I was at the top of my hill a little breeze was blowing but I am tough unlike the trees that just lets go of their leaves when it is fall JUST FALL! are kidding me I stand all winter and I don’t fuss about it you should hear the dogwoods! I mean it was cool when they decorated me and put lights on me and sparkly glass things that dangle until the kids Annie and Dannie. Dannie is only 6 Annie is luckily 12. Than Dannie split milk every where on my train which now won’t move and threw a Superman toy and BROKE 3 glass things. A angel fell off of my head or the sky? sadly I can not ask the angel anymore. R.I.P little angel. Then you get thrown out. My life as a Christmas tree goodbye until Christmas.


We are currently doing one of our biggest art project as of the year!  First thing we did is research a famous artist. Then we made a replica of our choice, of that Art piece. We had the choice to pick the animal, and the colors of it. Most kids either picked paper mache, construction paper animals, or a gel pen drawing. We have been having loads of fun in art class, and are looking forward to more great projects!

Reading Counts By. Brooke B and Alaina D

When we came to 5th grade we got introduced to reading counts it is when you read a book and the take a test, everyone was super scared the first book was Capture the flag and everyone got a low score, the only good thing was that we could take another one if you got a lower score, but as we got more used to it we got better because we used to get stressed.  We take the reading counts quiz after we take a book.  When we take the quiz and we get a 7/10 we get all of our points for the book.  But if we get lower than a 6/10 if your teacher will let you redo it, so if you do redo the quiz you will get different questions sometimes. When we got to the second quater reading counts was easy and everyboday started getting higher than a seven.






If you want to sketch a person, get a fresh sheet of paper and a pencil and an eraser. Use a small template to trace a circle near the top of the paper.  This is your head. Generally, your body is “six heads high”.  Draw a small down pointing section for the neck. Add gently sloping lines for shoulders. Then do longer lines for arms. Make a horizontal line to connect the two arms. Make legs by drawing thick sticks and shoes by drawing small ovals. You just drew a person-don’t get dizzy! Now add face details like nose, eyes, hair. Add clothes and you’re done!


The Creeper Maker Announcement By: Ian H.

Hi, my name is Ian and I will talk to you about my new website coming out in 2018! It is called the “Creeper Maker” and I will talk to you about two of its main features! The first feature is that you can play games and request games in the post feature(more about that later)! My first game I have made (and still making) is called “car tester” where you can test cars in an obstacle course you can make! I will release this game on Scratch in January or February 2018. I hope you enjoy the game! Here is the link for SCRATCH-

The second feature is that you can post comments! You can post whatever you want, but mean comments and swear words(you will get banned doing this). Also, you can make games and request for it to be on my website! Just put the URL(not linked, if it is linked it will not go on the website) in and I will put it on the website if I think it’s good (Hint: Minecraft is your new favorite game (maybe, you just need to have a really good game idea!) Or, if I get a lot of games I will choose my 5 favorites(you can still enter the game next month!)and you will vote on your favorite game! Good Luck! So those are the 2 features to get you prepared for the website! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Goat and a Pig Christmas Carol

Goat stared out the window, he loved Christmas, the lights, the traditions, just the whole shabang! Now it was Christmas Eve, Goat always decorated his house with his best friend Pig. Since Goat and Pig had no where to stay, Aunt Pigsley invited them to stay with her until they graduate, since both of there parents are very busy lately. Anyway there aunts house was the most bright house on the block. Though neighbors complain it was worth it every year. As Goat daydreamed about his favorite holiday, pig walked in. “Hi Pig are you ready to decorate the house I got the decorations!” Goat yelped with excitement. “I’m not doing decorations this year.” Pig said, his voice sounded moody. Goat squinted hard, something was not right.
While Goat was thinking about Pig’s abnormal behavior,Pig was also thinking about it. Every year Pig’s family and friends would get together on Christmas day and have diner, open presents, watch movies, and play games. But this year it was going to be different, since Pig recently got a new dad. Let’s just say things with Pig’s real dad were well, unpleasant. Pig did not know if he wanted to go this year, so he decided to pretend Christmas was not here.
Goat walked in Pig’s room,”Hey,did you get your tux for the Christmas Party?” Goat asked,”I am not going,” Pig responded.
Goat stared at Pig amazed, “What do you mean your not going? You always go, we always go.” Goat became concerned of how Pig was acting, “Are you okay?” Goat asked, “I’m fine, now go away!” Pig yelled, Goat frowned, what was happening, Pig was acting like the characters in the movies they used to watch on Christmas Day at Pig’s house, like the Grinch or even maybe Scrooge! Goat left the room, “Good night.” Goat said, tomorrow was Christmas day, he will be good in the morn, maybe.
Pig looked outside, the fluffy, soft, snow fell from the dark night sky. This was a good idea, skipping Christmas was right? Pig thought, but just before he could finish his thought he drifted of to sleep.
Pig woke up shortly, he stretched his arms, suddenly a person appeared under his bed. “Hi!I am the ghost of Christmas past!” Pig looked closer at the shiny creature, it was Goat! But he was not like himself, he was shiny and had know scratches on his face, he could also float. Pig screamed, but could not
here himself, “Don’t be afraid, now grab my hand.” Ghost Goat said, he held out his hand, Pig hesitated. Finally, he grabbed Ghost Goat’s shiny soft hand. Pig floated up in the air, then got whipped around, all he could see was light and gold.
Finally they arrived at a familiar place. Pig looked around, lights blinding him, he could smell mint. The light faded, and Pig could see his family, except they looked younger. “Com’on Pig get over here, we are playing charades!” Pig looked his mom motioned him to sit next to her. Pig stepped forward, then suddenly, a younger version of Pig ran through him! Pig looked at his body, what just happened! Little Pig ran to Pig’s mom, Big Pig turned around, the other side of the room was a Christmas Tree and there sat Pig’s dad!

Big Pig was scared, he has not seen his dad since the divorce. There he was smiling over at tiny Pig, talking with his friends about me. Big Pig walked closer to him so he could here him. “I love Pig, he is a amazing, he has my moms eyes.” Pig smiled, as his dad boasted about his beloved son. Why did Pig’s mom and dad have to split up? “I am so thankful, for you guys, Pig, Aunt Pigsley, and My Mom!”
He smiled at small Pig once again. “What about your wife, Piggy?” Uncle Pigsley asked, Pig stared at his dad, hoping the right answer would come out of his mouth. “To be honest guys, it is different between us, I just want to go back to being friends, and she does to, we are just worried about, well.” He hesitated, “Pig. He would be devastated!” Big pig got closer to his dad, “Piggy and I decided, to stay together until Pig is more then just eight years old, I might wait until he is around twelve, then hopefully he will understand more.”
Pig frowned, he did not understand any of this! He did not understand, what was happening with is parents, he did not understand how he did not know about this sooner, and the most he did not understand was, how he got to this moment in his life!
Pig looked for the shiny version of Goat, there he stood watching Pig. “I want to go home!” Pig yelled, “Fine, Fine, hold my hand tight!” Shiny Goat said holding out his golden hand. Pig grabbed it, and then again they traveled through a shiny portal-like place. Pig landed on the ground of his room, he smiled,”Yes it is all over!”
Pig said with relief. He struggled to get up, still blinded by the light of the shiny figure, that disappeared. Pig hurried downstairs to get something to eat once he reached his feet. He looked at the Christmas Tree, and there, something was sitting on the Christmas Tree. It was Pig’s mom! She was normal colored, not shiny, but huge.
She reminded Pig of the stories about Giants his dad told him when he was
little, there was always mean ones and nice ones, Pig wondered what his dad would place his mom between the two category. “I am the ghost of Christmas
present.” She said, her voice stern. The giant stepped down from the tree, then laughed, her laugh sounded way deeper. Pig’s abnormally large mother bent down, Pig was terrified. The giant cupped her hands and scooped up Pig. Pig screamed, hoping Goat would hear him, he looked into his mom’s big eyes. Then closed his.
When Pig opened his eyes he was outside his aunts house. Pig looked around, there was Pig and aunt Pigsley decorating the house. Pig walked up to Goat, who also did not notice him. Goat’s face was glum, “Where is Pig,” Aunt Pigsley asked. “He’s not coming,” Goat said, frowning. “What? He always comes, it is his favorite thing to do for Christmas!” Aunt Pigsley said loudly.
“I don’t want to do them anymore.” Goat said and stormed inside. “Oh no, I think I just ruined Goat’s Christmas.” Pig said, “Take me home!” Pig demanded. “Fine,” Giant Pig’s mom said, she cupped her hands once more and picked Pig up. Pig once again woke up on the ground, he got up and walked to his bathroom. Pig looked in the mirror and cupped his hands under the running sink. He tossed the water in his face and looked back at the mirror. There in the mirror was, his stepdad! But he was covered in black, his face dark as night, and his eyes just black holes. “Touch the mirror.” The black figure boomed, his voice low. Pig did not want to but he was afraid. He touched the shiny mirror.
The lights went out, Pig could feel the floor cracking from under him. Finally the floor broke and Pig dropped down a long black whole. He landed at his mom’s house again. It looked way different then in the past and present. Pig walked to his mom’s calendar it read: 2024.Pig heard a knock on the door. His mom rushed to the door, “Hi Goat! Long time, no see! Come in, Come in!” Pig’s mom motioned Goat inside. “How is Pig?” “Bossy as always.” Goat said, putting down his jacket. Pig frowned, he was never bossy, at least he never thought he was.”Yesterday, he said I have to work on Christmas!”
“That is horrible, I will talk to him!” Pigs mom got to a small shop in the middle of nowhere. Pig followed his mom inside. Inside were a bunch of offices, Pig’s mom walked to a big office.
Pig’s mom walked up to the big office, and there sat Pig but older. He didn’t look like Pig despite his face. Pig looked at his mom, “What are you doing here!” Older Pig demanded, his voice stern. “Pig, you need to stop this madness, it’s Christmas Eve, people need to get to their family’s!” Pig’s mom said. “No, they will work everyday! I don’t care if it’s Christmas!”
Pig looked at his older version, then he looked the dark figure. “Can I go home please! I won’t be a Scrooge anymore! I promise!” The darkness grunted. He took Pig and flew up in the sky. Pig screamed as they went so high in the air Pig could not breath. The darkness let go of Pig. Pig screamed so hard, as he plummeted to his death he thought about Goat. Pig hit the ground.
Pig looked up, he sure he was dead, he got up. Was he in heaven? Pig got up, the place he was in was familiar. It was his home! The floor he was on still had that dent when Pig and Goat tried to play basketball inside, it wasn’t the brightest idea.
Pig ran downstairs, it was Christmas morning! Pig looked at his watch, 4:30 AM it read. Pig’s Christmas lights lite up in his brain. Pig got out the Christmas decorations that Goat was fidgeting with the other day. Pig worked all night until Goat and Aunt Pigsley came down. To Goat’s amazement, the whole house was covered in bright colorful Christmas lights. But the most shining thing in the house of all was the smiling faces on Goat and Aunt Pigsley. “Merry Christmas everyone!” Goat and Aunt Pigsley walked down the stairs, still shocked. “Did you do this Pig?” Goat asked, “Yes,” Pig said proudly. “And I am truly sorry of how I acted, I hope you will forgive me.” Pig said, “Of course we will!” Goat yelled he went to greet Pig with a hug. “Merry Christmas,” Pig said.
Pig, Goat and Aunt Pigsley sat under the tree, opening their gifts. “God Bless Us, Everyone!” Goat said, everyone smiled, Merry Christmas to all, and all a good night!

Interveiw with Mrs. Skeels

Q. What is your favorite store

A. Target

2. Q. If you could be anything you want besides a teacher, what would it be?

A.  Astronaut

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?

A. Chipotle

4. Q. Who is your favorite singer

A. Josh Groban

5. Q. What is your favorite quote

A. “We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy.” -Albus Dumbledore

6. Q. What is your favorite type of food

A. Italian

7. Q. What is your favorite play

A. Annie

Q. What are your three favorite books?

A. 1. Out of my mind

A. 2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

A. 3 Soar

Q. What is your favorite book based movie?

A. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Q. What was your favorite subject in High School?

A. Math

Q. What is your favorite candy?

A. Peanut M&Ms

Q. Who is your favorite actor?

A. Mark Walhberg

Q. Who is your favorite actress?

A. Jennifer Lawrence

Q. What is your favorite TV show?

A. The Brady Bunch









Interview with Mrs. Will By: Mackenzie Frost

What was your favorite subject in High School?


What is your favorite store?


What is your favorite musical?

Sound of Music

What is your favorite TV show?

Dancing with the stars

Who is your favorite actor?

George Clooney

Who is your favorite actress?

Julie Andrews

What is your favorite book?

Harry Potter series

What is your favorite holiday


What is your favorite band

The Monkeys

What is your favorite song?

“Last Train to Clarksville”