Video by: Alex S.

22 Apr

Just a brief video for fun (p.s. we all LOVE math at LES!)

Alex's Video from L. Girbino on Vimeo.

A Typical Tuesday After School by: l810News Mentors

19 Apr

Tuesday After School from L. Girbino on Vimeo.

Google Docs Why Not? by Bella

19 Apr

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Mrs. Pochedly’s Classroom By: Caileen

19 Apr

This is a CSI classroom about what we are learning in Mrs. Pochedly’s fourth grade class. First of all, we are learning about angles, and about the five different types of angles. For example, there are straight angles, zero angles, obtuse angles, acute angles, and one of the most common is the right angle. We are also learning how to use a protractor for measuring angles. Mrs. Pochedly also teaches science and social studies. In science, we have an ecosystem that we made in March. Every group in class had a different variable that they had to change, except for one group who changed nothing (the control group). My group had to add less water then everybody else, and it actually is one of the ones that is growing the best. On the other hand, some of them have not really grown at all. For example, the plants that did not get light or used sand instead of soil either did not grow at all or died. In social studies, we are learning about several things. One thing is the Gettysburg Address, which was a speech that given by President Lincoln that lasted only two minutes. The second thing we learned was about the Civil War and the events leading up to it. The third thing we learned in social studies was  about the Underground Railroad and slavery. So far, I have learned that slaves were treated very badly, and that the Northern states did not want the Southern states to have slaves. In the Southern part of the country, people were the total opposite, and wanted everyone to have slaves. When President Lincoln was elected president, the Southerners knew that he would end slavery, so they basically said that they were not going to be a part of the United States. When they did this, they called themselves “the Confederate States.” That is what we are learning in Mrs. Pochedly’s class.

Interview with Mrs. Pochedly

19 Apr


 1.Why did you become a teacher?

2.Why didn’t you teach at Hiram where you live?

3. Why did you choose this school?

4.What is your favorite thing about teaching?


1.I liked helping in my kids schools, also so I can pay for their college.

2.I didn’t want to teach at my kids school.

3.I tried to apply at other schools and Aurora hired me.

4.I like working with the kids and helping teach them knew things.

I Like Harry Potter by: Spencer

19 Apr


A 4th grade day By:Dominic C.

19 Apr

Today in reading we started with silent reading for about ten minutes and then we read over our TFK (Time For Kids). After we were done we did poetry. We have to make seven poems for our poetry cafe, one is a diamonte poem , another is a shape poem (I did a ballon shape!) We also have to do a Haiku poem, a friendship poem and a shape poem. Another one is a poem from a book. Then we put back our reading notebooks and lined up for math class. In math we started with number corner, which is a paper we do for fluency, we work on decimeters and geometry. After that we worked on geometry BINGO.When we were done we did equations on the smart board and we answered the questions on our white boards after we packed up our and got ready to leave.


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