Science Experiment by: Suneet

18 Jan

Cartoon Corner-Macaw & Budgie by:Suneet

17 Jan

Rubix Cubes

17 Jan

How many people have you seen in school playing around with Rubix cubes? When they do, most people can solve them, and most people want to learn how to solve them. This text will teach you how to solve Rubix cubes.

The first thing you do when you get a Rubix cube is to solve a side. First you do a cross of the color, then you do the corners in. After you do the side, you add in the first layer. When you are using the beginner’s strategy, you do layer-by-layer. You solve layers by using algorithms. When you have the second layer, you get a cross on the top layer, and then you get a correct corner piece. Then, you put in the corners.

And that is how you solve a Rubix cube.

For more tricks, see

Minecraft 101 by: Katie & Sophia

17 Jan

This video teaches you the basic survival skills of Minecraft.

Newspaperclub from L. Girbino on Vimeo.

Cartoon Corner: Instruments by Alex and Garrett

15 Nov

Percy Jackson Off Script (if you don’t like Percy Jackson…sorry XD) by: Katie T.

15 Nov

“Percy? Are you awake?”Percy’s mom called upstairs,”Your gonna be late for school!” Percy’s eyes shot open and he threw back the covers quickly hopping out of bed. He took a shower, got dress, brushed his teeth and headed downstairs. When he walked into the kitchen he grabbed  a plate of blue pancakes (AN: just cuz) and sat down.” Are you excited for school?” His mom asked, “More than you know.” Sally gave her son a quisical look at this seeing as Percy never wanted to go to school. Percy just chuckled to himself, she would never understand. Today his best friend, Annabeth, was coming to live in New York full time. She was starting her first day at Goode High today and percy had offered to show her around. Percy grabbed his backpack and said goodbye to his mom before dashing out the apartment door….TO BE CONTINUED

Author’s Note: adapted from the original work by Rick Riordan

Favorite Movie by: Sophia

15 Nov