Spy Kids By: Allison

17 Nov

Once upon a time, there were two spy kids named Agent Claire and Agent Megan. Their spy agency was called “Spy Youth”. They were middle schoolers on a secret mission to catch the bandit who had changed the whole schools’ grades to “F”! The teachers were really confused, and wondered, “Who changed the grades to F??” on the announcement. The whole middle school freaked out. The agents were up to who did it. Claire tried hacking into the school system with her iPhone and Megan was peering over her shoulder, then her phone beeped with a text message from an unknown message. The text message said:

“Don’t catch me or else………. ”  

They did not panic, instead they were mad at the bandit who changed the grade and wanted to find it… Then, another text message popped up from the unknown number.

“I know you are a spy, that’s your secret. >:)”

They gasped, they knew this person was their enemy and knew their secret, but they had to find the person. So, Claire texted back: “Tell me where you are, don’t worry we won’t catch you–we will just leave you alone. :)”

Another text message popped up: “Okay, but you have to promise, you will leave me alone forever and forget who I am.”

“It’s a deal” they texted back.

“Okay, I am at the art room– in the storage room” the unknown number replied. So, Claire and Megan went to the storage room in the Art Class. Before, they also secretly told the principal and their spy leader the plan to catch the bandit.

When they opened the door, there was a person with a Ninja Mask, Ninja Clothes, and a black Ninja belt.

“Ready to see me? But remember our deal, if you break the deal I will do something bad to you!” the person crackled.

The person took the mask off. It was Agent Maddie! An agent from their own spy team!

“But..But..” Claire and Megan stammered.

“Yes. Yes, I know. You expect me good don’t you?” she sneered.

“Actually, I am a Ninja. I joined the spy team to wreak revenge on you! And, yes, I changed all of the whole schools’ grades to F!” she crackled.

“You’re never gonna get away from it!”Agent Claire and Megan yelled.

In an instant, the principal and the Spy leader jumped up at the same time, surrounding Agent Maddie.

Agent Maddie became terrified, then sneered, “You won this round but this isn’t over!” She cackled.

The principal and the Spy leader shook their heads and principle took her away. The Spy leader’s name was Sierra.

“Well done! You completed the spy mission! Defeating the black belt Ninja! Awesome Job! And yes, our Principal knew our team are spies, but he will keep it a secret” she said as she smiled.

“Thank You!” they said as they smiled back.

“Go back to your class, otherwise you’ll be in detention!” she joked.

They all laughed and went back to their class, happily ever after.



Favorite Recess Game by: Peter D.

17 Nov

The Eastern Woodland Native American group By: Grant and David

17 Nov

In fifth grade social studies, we are learning about Native Americans. There are many Native American groups and they are all very interesting, but we will tell you a little bit about a specific Native American group.The woodland group hunted and gathered fish, bears, beavers, raccoons, deer, nuts, moose, bison, and they were also fishermen.They farmed squash melons and pumpkins. They lived in the eastern part of the United States. It stretched from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean and to the Gulf of Mexico. The woodland group experienced cold winters, hot summers, and rain that filled-up rivers. The woodland group lived where there were oak, birch, and maple forests (woodland forests). They lived in longhouses, which were long buildings made from wooden poles covered in tree bark. They could be 200 feet long and could last 20 years. Wigwams were temporary homes that were smaller that longhouses. They were round houses made of logs covered with bark. Chickees had open sides and raised floors and roofs made of straw. Buckskin shirts and pants were worn during the winter. Men wore buckskin moccasins, a type of leather shoe. Women wore skirts made of grass. During the summer, men wore breechcloth. Canoes were made of maple wood , which they used it to cross one stream to another to catch fish. They used dream catchers that were supposed to keep the evil spirits away while they were sleeping. They held lots of ceremonies. The cry ceremony was held when someone died.

If you want to learn more, here is an interesting website- http://schoolmediainteractive.com/view/object/clip/6E3290140B70FD66F7908F6B56A55CA3/02

The Race by: Hannah & Miah

17 Nov

Who will win the race? Find out in our iMovie…

Two Ducks by: Chase and Sam

17 Nov


 Once upon a time there was a duck named Alex. Alex had a family but they were hunted down during migration. It has been three days that Alex has been all alone flying. He is now on a quest to Florida, where he should find many other ducks that will help him back to Ohio.

     Alex has just arrived at the state of Kentucky. Along the way through Ohio, he met several ducks passing through Ohio, but none of them were willing to help him find a new family that will take care of him. Alex decides it’s time to take a break and get some water. While taking a sip from a random lake, Alex met another duck. Alex asked if the duck would go along with him and the duck said that he would be happy to. The duck introduced himself as Nathan. Then, they started together for Florida.

          When the two ducks arrived in Florida, they went to find a tree with plenty of ducks. This way, they might find a duck that would be happy to take care of Alex. Later that night they have finally found a tree with many ducks and started introducing Alex, to see if anyone was interested.

          Sadly, no one was interested. Late at night, Nathan said to Alex that he will take care of him for the rest of his life. That made Alex very happy and they were great friends.

                                                                   THE END

CSI Classroom: Leighton Art

17 Nov

Story About Lego Robotics with Peter.D

10 Nov

Today we are going to see what is going on with Aurora robotics:

Aurora Robotics


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