Rube Goldberg Contest Runner-Ups

15 Apr

Rube Goldberg Contest Winner: Phillip C!

15 Apr

WOW! It was a hard decision to make, but Phillip C. in Mrs. Parker’s third grade class won the L810Studio Rube Goldberg contest. It uses a shop vac running on blower mode to launch a Nerf dart at the invader. Pretty creative! You can see the rest of the videos on our runners-up post.

CSI Classroom (4th Grade) By: Ava, Allison, and Sophia

7 Apr

In writing we chose an inventor that lived in Ohio to do research about. Next, we got with our writing partners to help each other with our research. Now, we are working on writing a book about our inventor. We are making chapters about the inventors, and we already made an introduction. We went step by step, and Mrs.Voinovich helped us with our writing. It’s very fun, and exciting to be writing a book.
In science we are learning about ecosystems. It’s the living and nonliving parts of an area. We brought in some empty pop bottles, and now we are planting seeds in the empty pop bottles. We are also experimenting on what will happen if we take out something like gravel, soil, sand, or we just keep everything the same. It’s very interesting to have seeds sprouting in our pop bottles.
We are working on point of view in Mrs.Voinovich’s class. We have been doing different activities to help us learn about point of view.Some of them include: rewriting stories in a new P.O.V.Also, we are looking at a picture and writing a story about it in 2 different points of view.
Mrs.Gagel is a gifted math teacher for third, fourth, and fifth grade. In the fourth grade she has 20 students in her math class. We use a lot of websites, and go on a lot of iPads, and use computers sometimes. Sometimes we take the original quizzes, but instead we take them on computers, or iPads. We are learning about fractions, and decimals at the moment.
Mrs.Flynn is a fourth grade math teacher. We are now learning decimal and fractions. In the morning for warm up we do weekly math. We do rocket math which is a timed test on division and multiplication. We sometimes use computer to go on Kidblog,Sumdog and Xramath. At the moment we are doing line plot using graph papers. The cool thing about Mrs.Flynn’s class is that Mrs.Flynn always makes learning opportunities fun for the class.

Solving Math Problems

7 Apr

Once upon a time there were 2 kindergardeners trying to solve math problems. The worksheet looked like this:

1. 1+1=



These were super hard for them. They were so mad they were about to explode. But then kid number one realized their dad bought them calculators.
They solved problems 1. through 3. So they decide to watch Youtube and do 4. later that day.

Here are some websites to do math with:

What is Your Favorite Pet?

7 Apr

Swedish Lapphunds by: Julia

7 Apr

breed: Swedish Lapphunds (and yes, that is the correct spelling, we checked!)
how many?:1,200
Where are they found?:Sweden,Finland,Norway,England,Denmark,Netherlands,France,Germany-many more countries. There are rare in the America and only have 10-15.
Did you know that the Swedish Lapphound is the oldest dog breed in existence.

Breed characteristics
watch dog ability 5
trainability 3
stranger friendly 2
child friendly 5
cat friendly 5

Learn more about the breed here-

Summer Activities

7 Apr

SUMMER!!!!!!!! Everybody has a favorite activity.Our reporters took a random sampling of their classmates and the results were: 2 people chose swimming as their favorite activity, 5 people chose going to the beach, 1 chose going on a vacation, and 4 people chose something else. Now its your turn to decide what you favorite summer activity is!


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