The Heart Shaped Island! By: Addy N.

21 Oct

+ NOT a true story+
Kyra, Natalie, and I had set out on a helicopter ride. Sadly, the ride did not end up so well. The helicopter crashed, and some of us did not make it (the pilot), others of us go injured (me). The coast at the south end of the island ended in a point that kind of looked like an upside-down ice-cream cone. We started heading to the north end of the island. “Ahh, my ankles are killing me!” I said. “Come on!” Kyra answered. “It hurts!” I protested. “Hmmm, let me see” Kyra said as she started rummaging through her bag. “Let’s see– Game boy, flashlight, food, D.S. Wait! Why do you have your D.S. in here? For an emergency, or in this case– total boredom?” She started going through her bag again: “O.K., paper, bags, book, tarantula…Wait–tarantula? Ahhh!” All of us, except Kyra, was screaming. Kyra started laughing, “It’s okay, my brother put a rubber spider in there!” “Oh,” we all said in unison, and started laughing.Kyra said, “O.K., I need to find wrap for your ankle… a-hah, first aid kit!” After a minute of searching, she found the wrap,”There you go”. Feeling better now, I replied, “Thanks, let’s go to the other end of the island now.Kyra and Natalie replied,”OK.” When we got to the other end the coast, it looked like the top of a heart. “This island is shaped like a heart,” we all said together. “What’s that?” Natalie asked, pointing down. The ground was shaking, and a podium appeared with a heart shaped stone on it. Kyra walked over and took it– suddenly we were back where the helicopter took of. We could hear a search plane. We were safe!

CSI Classroom: Specials In Fifth Grade By: Nikole

21 Oct

Picture 1In Orchestra we are learning Modest March and Little Largo.

Picture 1In Band we are learning concert songs.

Picture 1In P.E. we are learning to play soccer.

Picture 2In Media we are building houses for a family of 3 or more.

Picture 1In Art we are drawing Graphic Designs (choice:app logos, sign for LES, smartphone case, or skateboard deck).

Part 2 Halloween Night By: Abby

21 Oct

“But wait” I said “My mom would kill me if she found out.” And they said, “Okay, let’s go!” So, I went upstairs to get my costume on. While I was getting my costume on, I had a voice in my head saying, “Don’t do it.” But, I just did not bother listening to it. So, we sneaked out of the window. We were going to our friend’s house and found a shortcut in the woods. We took the route. Along the shortcut, there was a little cottage hidden by trees, where an old witch lived (we didn’t know who lived there at first). She was the Witch of the Sneak-a-Ways, and she knew I was a sneak away. So,she made me a ghost. That’s why I am telling all of you who read my tale that you should listen to your parents! And that’s my story.
Picture 1

CSI Classroom: Writing in Fifth Grade By: Gracie

21 Oct

We have some great new things going on in writing going on this past week. First of all, The schedule has been switched from writing three days a week and social studies two days, to writing all five days of school. For the past few weeks, we have been starting with this new schedule. Although it is hard getting used to this change, we will still have social studies every day. In this unit of writing, we are focusing on the Maya. We will be doing an informational writing piece on them. The Maya were the first people to settle in South America. Not only are the Maya interesting to learn about, researching them is part of social studies. Even though researching the Maya is social studies, we are mostly working on our writing technique. Knowing how to write well is very important and will be very beneficial for us later. Even though we will miss social studies a lot, this new writing program will help 5th grade students very much.
Editor’s note: A fun fact about the ancient Mayans-“The Maya writing system was made up of 800 glyphs. Some of the glyphs were pictures and others represented sounds.They chiseled the glyphs into stone and inside codices. Codices were books that were folded like an accordion.The pages were fig bark covered in white lime and bound
in jaguar skins. The Maya wrote hundreds of these books.They contained information on history, medicine,astronomy and their religion. The Spanish missionaries burned all but four of these books.”
Picture 1

What’s Happening in Reading! By: Mason Kacmar

21 Oct


What is happening in reading, is that Mrs. Dorner wants you to get enough points on your reading counts to meet your goal so you earn a good grade. Also, as homework, you are supposed to read twenty minutes each night. For homework, you need to fill out your reading logs every day. Then, you won’t have to rush on the same day. Make sure that you don’t turn it in late or forget to have a parent/guardian to sign your reading log. If you don’t like reading, you can find a book that looks like it might be good and give it a try. Who knows? You might love that book. Hopefully, you’ll want another book, then another, then keep on reading and learning. Check out book ideas at Scholastic’s “The Stacks“. That is what’s happening in Reading!

What is your favorite Halloween Costume?

21 Oct

Math! Math! Math! By Kyra

30 Sep

Operations, order of operations! Exponents! Math! Math! Math! In math we are learning all about order and exponents.
PEMDAS AKA Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally is a method we use in class. Mrs.Stoyle and Dr.Kempe are teaching these two strategies in the daily classroom.
AM math is a daily math procedure we all do in the beginning of math. Math is a really great thing to know when it comes to life! (thank you Mrs.Stoyle, Dr.Kempe, and Mrs.Gagel!)


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