Math! Math! Math! By Kyra

30 Sep

Operations, order of operations! Exponents! Math! Math! Math! In math we are learning all about order and exponents.
PEMDAS AKA Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally is a method we use in class. Mrs.Stoyle and Dr.Kempe are teaching these two strategies in the daily classroom.
AM math is a daily math procedure we all do in the beginning of math. Math is a really great thing to know when it comes to life! (thank you Mrs.Stoyle, Dr.Kempe, and Mrs.Gagel!)

Halloween Night By: Abby

30 Sep

Spooky woods creep in the night of Halloween. Jack-o-lanterns dance the night away. Witches make potions into candy, and kids push doorbells and say, “Trick-or-Treat!” Whenever you hear a “boo”, that’s me. I am the ghost of Halloween. Here is my story. One rainy Halloween, when I was kid, I wanted to go “Trick-or-Treating” really bad, but my mother said no. She said, “No, you are not going trick or treating in this rain.” Later that evening, my friends came to my house. When I opened the door, they said, “Why aren’t you coming Trick-or-Treating with us?”. I replied, “My mother said, ‘No’.” They said, “Why not sneak out to go with us?” I thought it was a good idea. (to be continued…)
Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 6.31.06 PM
(illustration by Mrs. Girbino in Adobe Illustrator ©Girbino2014)

5th Grade Learners by Andrew and Brandon

30 Sep

In fifth grade we are learning order of operations in math, which is the order of the math operations you do in a math problem, at least in Mrs.Gagel’s class. In science, we are learning about life science (Mrs.Will class and Mr.Roth’s class). In writing, we just finished our personal narratives in both Mrs.Carlson’s and Mrs.Tyrrell’s classes. We are learning about Ecuador in social studies with the same teachers as we have in writing. At the end of the day we go to reading with Mrs.Skeels or Mrs.Dorner. We do things like read stories and do activities with the story.
Here is a great science link to learn more:

CSI Classroom: 5th grade Science by Mason

30 Sep

What we are learning in Science class is Life Science: vocabulary, new projects, and especially, a lot of reading. One of our new upcoming projects is making our own little ecosystem. As many of you know, last week we did “bean ecosystems” which was pretty cool. Some people found variables and some people didn’t. One thing Mr. Roth would like is 2 liter pop bottles that are clear, so please bring pop bottles in. This is my story about what were learning in Science class!
Want to try to analyze an ecosystem? Try this, from PBSkids-

CSI Classroom Interview on Mrs. Dorner by: Gracie and Nikole

30 Sep

Q: What college did you go to?
A:Kent State University
Q: Did you like reading as a kid?
A:I loved to read. My mom said my nose was always stuck in a book. I read a lot of of Nancy Drew books.
Q: What is your favorite book?
A:I don’t have a favorite book but my favorite genre is mystery.
Q: Why did you want to be a reading teacher?
A:I wanted to talk about books with kids and help them read and love books.
Q: How old are your kids?
A: Courtney is 14, Carissa is 20, Hunter is 15
Q: What do you like to do with your kids?
A: I like to go to plays and movies with Courtney. Carissa and I like to shop and go out to dinner. Hunter and I like to golf and go to baseball games.
Q: Have you always been a reading teacher?
A: I have always taught reading, but I also taught science for many years.
Q: What was your favorite subject when you were in school.
A:This is easy… READING! I loved when we read Greek Myths in 5th grade
Q: What do you like doing in your free time?
A: I like… wait for it… Reading! I have a whole room I made just for reading! I also watch movies in there. I love to go to Browns and Indians games, and I golf.

Awesome Athletes with Natalie! (Softball) By: Addy and Natalie

30 Sep

Q:How do you feel when you play softball?
A: I feel like I’m in a whole different world.
Q: Why did you choose softball?
A:I chose softball because my dad inspired me.I also chose it because I thought it was an interesting sport.
Q: What’s your favorite part of softball?
A:I like being in the batting zone.
Q How good is your team?
A:I think my team could beat the Raptors.
Q:How good do you think you are?
A:I think I am a excellent softball player.

Softball fun facts (source:

–>The game of sofball oringinated in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day, 1887, but did not become a NCAA sanctioned sport until 1910.
Today more than forty million people play softball each summer, making it the number one team participant sport in the United States.

–>Softball is now played on every continent with more than 100 countries now active members of the International Softball Federation.

–>Every fastpitch game of the 1996 Olympics was a sellout.

–>Softballl was invented in 1887 by George Hancock, an journalist for the Chicago Board of Trade. He designed the game to be a form of indoor baseball to be played during the winter.

–>For fastpitch and slowpitch, games are 7 innings long.

–>There are nine total positions on a softball field.

–>The original softball was a rolled up boxing glove.

–>Softball was originally intended to be an indoor sport. This is why there is a shorter distance between bases in softball compared to baseball.

–>Over 5.9 million girls from ages 6 to 17 play softball.

–>The original game of softball was played with a 16 in ball that was soft enough that there was no need for gloves.

CSI Classroom: Mrs. Girbino By: Abby

20 May

Q: Why are you an art teacher?

A: I am always doing art with my kids, and I just love helping students realize their creative potential.

Q: Who’s your favorite artist?

A: Andy Warhol.

Q: What was your favorite subject as a kid?

A: Art, English,and Physics.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: My husband’s homemade pizza.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Blue and gold.

That concludes our interview with Mrs. Girbino, check out her website


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