Interview with Mr. Roth

19 Dec

Favorite Holiday Tradition by: L810News

17 Dec

L810News Video Contest Winner

17 Dec

thanks, Olivia Senger—see Mrs. Girbino for your prize!

Two Hour Delay Procedures by: LES News

16 Dec

Even though we have been looking at very little snow lately, the weather is bound to get snowy soon. Just remember that if we have a 2-hour delay, school starts two hours later, at 11:05 with announcements. Third grade lunch starts at 11:40, fourth grade lunch starts at 12:15, and fifth grade lunch starts at 12:50. All lunches are 35 minutes long, with no recess. Every attempt will be made to serve the scheduled lunch according to the menu, but if it is not possible, pizza will be served instead.
Students are asked to check their teacher’s information about work they should complete. Every classroom has procedures in place for where the school work is posted.
Hopefully, everyone will have a safe winter! Enjoy your break.

CSI Classroom: Interview with Dr. Kempe by Brandon, Mason, & Gracie

16 Dec

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: Youngstown State University.

Q: Why did you want to be a teacher?

A:  I love learning!

Q: How long have you been a teacher?

A: 18 years!

Q: Have you always taught in Aurora?

A: Yes, and I also teach at Kent state.

Q: What is your favorite unit to teach?


Q: Have you always taught 5th grade?

A: I taught 2nd, and 4th too.

Q: What is your favorite color?


Q: What’s your favorite food?

a: Seafood

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?


Q: What’s your favorite book?

A: Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of Nimh


Q: What’s your favorite candy?


One Special Christmas! by: Addy

16 Dec

Ho, Ho, Ho, Hanukkah and Christmas time is special. People are happy and joyous, but there is one Christmas I will never forget.

It was Christmas Eve and I had fallen asleep. There was no snow since we live in Florida. I was 8 years old at the time. Then I was suddenly awakened by a crash. What was that ? I thought. I turned to my sister since we share the same room. My sister was 7 and thought snowmen were scary. so I could not really count on her to know what it was. I walked downstairs to see what it was. When I went downstairs I saw SANTA. ‘Shh’ he said putting his finger to his lips. Then he rose up the chimney. I stood there gaping for a second before going back to bed. When I got back up stairs my sister had asked me why I was downstairs. “Was It a snowman?” she asked shaking. No, it was not a snowman. What was it then?” It was Santa” I answered.” SANTA,” she yelled. “Shh” I said, “you’ll wake up mom and dad.” “Ok” she replied. Now be quiet and go to bed. We went to bed and fell asleep and stayed asleep  until morning.  


The next morning after opening gifts, my sister found a letter for me. It said:

Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas. Have a good year and be good. Hope to see you next year. Remember, I am always watching, so be good and always believe.    

Yours truly,


I smiled and I have kept the letter to this very day. Oh I must go to bed now it’s Christmas Eve. Hopefully I will see Santa again

Picture 1

Snow or Summer By:Samantha

2 Dec

Would you chose snow summer? Here, you can tell us what you think!



There’s a big difference between snow and the heat!


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